Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cartoon Carnival at Wild Goose Creative Throughout June

photo by Max Ink
One of Columbus, Ohio's most revered native sons meets the current generation of Central Ohio cartoonists, figuratively, of course, throughout the month of June as the walls of Wild Goose Creative on Summit Street play host to the Cartoon Carnival, an exhibit co-presented by the Thurber House in co-operation with local cartoonists' group Sunday Comix. The show features reproductions of classic Thurber cartoons displayed along side modern day re-interpretations of same by Thurber's twenty-first century spiritual successors.
The event commemorates the Thurber House's thirtieth year of operation.  The official press release quotes Katie Poole, who co-ordinated the event for the Thurber House, as saying,"We are really excited to collaborate with these two wonderful organizations. It’s a great opportunity to showcase Thurber’s cartoons in both their original form and through the eyes of local artists; something that we haven’t done before.”
In an informal (though no one said it was off the record) conversation with me on Friday night, Sunday Comix founder Max Ink stated, while admitting he hadn't actually done the research to back up this claim, that he believes this may be the first time that the Thurber estate has permitted an exhibit of Thurber's work in Columbus outside the confines of the Thurber House.
The Cartoon Carnival runs through June 30.  A Gallery Night artists' reception will be held on Thursday, June 19 at 6 p.m.  This event is free and open to all who wish to attend.  Wild Goose Creative is located at 2491 Summit Street. 

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