Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Introducing Gutter Talk: Columbus

Columbus: The city that I have called home for the past two and one-tenth decades.  Capital of the State of Ohio. Birthplace of James Thurber and Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers.  Setting for the TV series Family Ties (although its readily apparent to anyone who lives here that nobody connected with the series had ever bothered to visit the city or do even cursory research). Home of THE Ohio State University, the National Hockey League's Blue Jackets, Major League Soccer's Crew, and frequent David Letterman guest Jack Hanna. 
The city is also home to a vibrant, diverse and ever expanding community of comics artists, writers, and readers.
It is that last item which we are gathered here to confront today.
For nearly five years now, I have been writing a somewhat sporadically updated blog about comics called Gutter Talk.  I've been thinking recently about getting more in depth into coverage of the local comics scene and decided that it might be best if I spin off a new blog devoted solely to that topic.
So that is what I did and that is what you are now reading.
This is pretty much the perfect week to launch a blog about comics in Columbus.  This weekend will see the fifteenth annual occurrence of the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, known to its close friends as SPACE.  The show will be, as always, accompanied by the inevitable debuts of several new comics by a variety of local talent.
Now, if this blog is to be a success, I'm going to need stuff to write about.  Thus, I am asking all comics writers, artists and other interested parties to forward to me any news, rumors, gossip, tips or tidbits, either about their own projects or others.   You can send them to me at and please put "Gutter Talk Columbus" in the subject line, if you would be so kind.
See you at SPACE this weekend.

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